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 I know I don't post here to often but this is something close to my heart. I have many friends from exchange trips, etc living in Japan and I want to spread the word that we need to keep the people of Japan close to our hearts. Pray for safety and comfort in their time of need. 

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 So....hi guys. I just wanted to post to show I'm alive and well...and that I kinda made a new blog...it's over here: http://lesarondeau.wordpress.com/

...yes it's Wordpress but I just thought it was time to move to another fresh, blank slate. It'll be geared more to my life now whereas this blog was made back when I was sixteen and in Japan. Now I'm a university student and back in Canada and going through different things and what not...I may post back here from time to time though. I've been reading your blogs and stuff still. Just my posts are lacking...

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 Duuuuuuuuude. I can go back online in T-minus 5 hours. BOOYAH! 

Haha I survived. I have to hand in my Media fast journal entries in at class at 4 then I'll be home free. Can't believe I made it. But I doubt I'll be on facebook, etc much because I have finals this week but still...the thought that I can go on whenever is nice. There are some things I'll be permanently cutting out and other I'll be limiting my time on so it won't be me going back on media full-force again like before. I've changed. 

And pray for me! Finals are gonna kill me but at least this time next week I'll be on my way home. Christmas break here I come! (Except I'll be getting my summer job back so I'll be working...*sigh*)

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 So next week I get to go back on facebook, youtube, texting, etc. It'll be nice. Can't go on for too long though cause finals are coming though.

I finished my last paper. Nearly killed me. Can't believe it was 30%. So I hope I did alright. But now I'll be starting to study for finals this weekend I suppose....I'm trying to purge my body of coffee cause I've been drinking a bit too much as of late. Water's the way to go. But it's hard. I stayed up till 4am last night working on my Philosophy paper and two other nights until 3am for various reasons. 

I'm so glad I'm 'young' and can bounce back from this cause the exhaustion I'm feeling is an 'all over' kind of exhaustion. Haha

Just thought I'd post a blurb on my life. :)


 I think I have a thing for guys and hairy faces...It's No-Shave November and the guys on my campus are looking just a little bit more attractive. I've never seen so many guys pull off the lumberjack look so well.


(And this is me showing you that I'm still alive and well)
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Yeah, totally jamming to Christmas songs....no big.

 Here's a quick list of my past in a nut shell!!

  1.  Midterms!! Yeah.
  2. I'm sitting here listening to Christmas music....don't judge. Bing Crosby's the shit.
  3. I'm super busy but you probably guessed that since I haven't been online other than to check my f-list.
  4. I've become kinda super addicted to Soul Eater finally....and before you say anything Zoe, I know: I should've obsessed on this manga a long time ago. ;)
  5. Media fast is still a go! About 40 days left of this lack of 'entertainment'. Surprisingly not killing me more than it is my friends who feel the need to keep up-to-date in my life at every given moment 
  6. Philosophy midterm tomorrow might be the death of me. If I get a chance I'll update on how that went.
  7. Course selection's coming up in a couple weeks and this time of the semester always makes me question my purpose in life!! GAH!! I'm going in for my teaching degree but what I want to teach is still up for debate. So far I know I want to teach Math but the other one keeps switching around. It's at History right now but I just left a conversation with a friend that might've convinced me to become a Drama teacher. Not sure, we'll see. 
So life's going on as usual. Just wanted to update so you guys don't feel like you're missing too much....

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Pheeww. I'm still alive.

University is crazy still. Not that that will ever change. I just feel swamped as usual and keeping up with my 'oh so amazing' social life is keeping me up and moving. Haha

But this stress I'm feeling is making me feel more bogged down than usual. I think it's an accumulation of things that's making me reach my breaking point...once a week on average. ;) 

I just feel so irresponsible and just need to get my butt in gear for this work load. I'm too much of a extrovert and don't know when to say 'no' to hanging out...it's just that friends are so much more fun than homework! Gosh!! 

Yeah. This seems like a scattered entry. 

Metaphor for my life and brain!! Ugh.

Help, I'm Alive

I passed, I passed!! :D

 YAY! I can drive like a big person now! Haha

At 1pm today I went into Service BC and waited in the long, agonizing line of the DMV. A lady at one of the front booths called me over once I had painstakingly crawled to the front of the line and asked how I was. I answered honestly with a nervous laugh that I was anxious and here to take my drivers' test. She smiled and asked if I had an appointment which I agreed and said it was at 1pm. She smiled and said I'd do fine then asked for my two pieces of identification. The process was tedious as usual but once finished, she asked me to kindly sit down and wait for my instructor.

The nerves were rising as I pictured how my test would go. But I didn't have long to work myself as my instructor, a man named Randy, arrived with a rather large and friendly smile. 

"Such a great day for a driving test," He said with his smile still pasted to his face then introduced himself with a handshake.

We said our goodbyes to my father, who would wait patiently at his chair for roughly half an hour, then we were off. He calmly instructed me to enter my vehicle and turn the blinkers on left and right then show him my brake lights. So far so good.

Then my heart froze as he asked me to show him my hand signals. I scoured my mind for that tiny piece of knowledge; had I seriously forgotten? Would this be my downfall? But as quickly as I paused I calmly moved my left arm in the appropriate positions, effectively showing Randy my knowledge.

His smile grew larger and he chuckled, " Great, you passed the hardest part of the exam."

I was relieved by what he said and how friendly the man presented himself.

....and the rest of the test went fairly smoothly. I could continue on in storybook fashion but I'm getting kinda lazy...haha
I'm just so glad this part of the 'journey' is over and I can FINALLY drive by myself at least. Two more years then I'll be a fully licensed driver. :)